GP Press Conference

Macau | Local roads ready for Grand Prix

Macau (MNA) – Local authorities made an appeal to the population today to use public transportation or walk during the 64th edition of the Macau Grand Prix (GP) races, taking place from 16 to 19 November.

During the press conference, relevant authorities from the Sports Bureau and the Transport Bureau (DSAT) also unveiled measures adopted to accommodate local traffic during those days.

The circuit will be closed every day from 6am until the end of the races, when inspectors will give the green light to re-open the roads until the following morning.

Over 40 bus stops will be relocated as regular routes are altered. Two free bus lines will link Ferreira do Amaral Square to the Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal. The service will operate during the four days in order to provide alternatives to regular transportation between the two hubs where the GP stands are located.

The organizers have already prepared informative signage for drivers regarding the routes’ alterations. There will also be information signage directing the public attending the event on how to reach the stands, with assigned staff to assist with such tasks.

Diamantino Torrado, the Co-ordinator of the Infrastructure Sub-committee of the Macau Grand Prix Organizing Committee, said during the event today that due to the Typhoon Hato havoc, some minor repairs in the circuit were undertaken.

The parking lot located in the Ferry Terminal, which was seriously impacted by the typhoon in August, will be used during the race-days and returned to DSAT’s jurisdiction on November 24, at which time the authorities will evaluate when they will be able to re-open it to the general public.