Billy H.C. Kwok/Bloomberg

Macau | Local vehicles still falling below emission standards – Transport Bureau

Macau (MNA) – A joint examination by the Transport Bureau (DSAT) and the Public Security Police Force (PSP) for the first half of the year found that while all motorcycles emitted an ‘acceptable’ level of emissions, only 68 per cent of taxis, 63 per cent of mopeds and 57 per cent of freight vehicles emitted acceptable emission levels.

Some 97 buses though have reached the acceptable level of emissions, according to the Bureau.

In total, 485 vehicles were inspected with 86 per cent of the total meeting acceptable standards from January to June 2018.

DSAT warns that some MOP600 (US$74.21) in fines will be given to vehicles that do not meet criteria for emissions.

Vehicles are required to undergo special inspections, with those failing to undergo the inspection by the deadline being subject to a fee of MOP2,000 (cars) or MOP1,200 (motorcycles).

The fee is to be paid first before vehicle tax can be paid next year.

Diesel vehicles have been limited to 40 HSU (Hartridge Smoke Units) in 2018, down from the standard of 45 HSU units from last year.