Macau | Mi Jian appointed head of Policy Research and Regional Development Bureau

Macau (MNA) – The Chief Executive (CE) of the Macau SAR Government has appointed Mi Jian (pictured, below) as the director of the new Policy Research and Regional Development Bureau (DSEDPR), according to a dispatch on Wednesday’s Official Gazette.

Mi Jian (photo credited

Mi, who is currently the Chief Advisor to the Governmental Policy Research Office, will take on the position for two years commencing on September 1.

Earlier this month, the government announced a plan for combining the current Governmental Policy Research Office with another internal task force and formed the aforementioned Bureau.

Ung Hoi Ian, who is currently the assistant-coordinator of the Governmental Policy Research Office, will be Deputy Director of the Bureau.

The CE has also appointed Lin Yuan, currently a consultant of the CE’s Office, as the second Deputy Director of DSEDPR.

Both Deputy Directors will have a two-year term for the positions.

The CE has also assigned six heads to take the helm of six different departments and divisions within the Bureau.

The six departments are Regional Development Department, General Support Department, Division of Economy and Livelihood, Division of Co-ordination and Development, Division of Exchange and Co-operation and Division of Administration and Finance.

The dispatches stated that the terms of the six departments and divisions heads will be one year.

The Bureau will be put into operation starting September 1 (Saturday).