Macau MICE boom

Although the global economic downturn plagued the industry, a lot of trade show markets in Asia saw significant increases last year. In Macau, the sector continued its robust growth, according to the sixth edition of UFI, the Global Association for the Exhibition Industry’s annual report on the Asian trade show market. Space sold in Macau expanded by 47.5 percent, compared with 2008, the report found. Overall, in Asia, the sector grew by 3.8 percent in 2009. “As China, Asia’s largest trade fair market, grew by nearly 7 percent , and the region as a whole grew by 3.8 percent, it is clear that in 2010 and beyond, the global exhibition industry will be looking to Asia for opportunities to grow existing events as well as launch new ones,” said Vincent Gerard, UFI’s outgoing managing director. However, revenue in Asia was mostly flat. Asian trade show revenues in 2009 were US$3.39 billion, compared with US$3.44 billion in 2008. China accounted for one third of all revenues, followed by Japan at 24 percent and Hong Kong (10 percent).