Macau | Monitoring cyber activities confined to checking net data flows- PJ

Macau (MNA) – The cyber security bill for monitoring cyber activities is limited to checking the net flow of information, such as information relating to data volume usage, said the Director of the Computer Forensic Division of the Judiciary Police (PJ), Chan Si Cheng during the second public consultation session on the cyber security bill.

“We are not to [extract and] restitute every single online data for identifying readable content,” Mr. Chan affirmed. “What we mainly do is to monitor the net flow, the size of data packets as to check whether there is any abnormality or signs of hacking activities.”

He also ensured that the focus of the controls is on critical infrastructures, so citizens’ normal internet surfing would not be affected.

Meanwhile, head of Information Technology Development Division of the Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau (CTT), Lei Kuong Leong responded to a citizen’s suggestion saying that the government will consider rolling out identity verification measures for registering to use WIFI services.

When asked by the public whether the government has enough staff to fight against hackers, Mr. Chan admitted that there is still a shortage of professionals in the field. But he noted that training and courses will be arranged and the government is not ruling out the utilisation of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Given the many concerns raised about the protection of personal data when implementing identity verification measures for purchasing pre-paid phone and data SIM cards, Mr Lei explained that registration could be performed online with less possibility that personal data will be leaked out.

“Currently we are discussing [online registration] with the telecommunication service operators,” said Mr. Lei. “The service will be activated only when in use.”