Macau | New law on interception and protection of communications to undergo public consultation

Macau (MNA) – New legislation for the legal regime ruling on the nature of interception and the protection of communications during criminal investigations – under study by the Macau Government for five years – will soon be submitted to public consultation, the Office of the Secretary for Security stated this Friday.

According to the Office, legislation covering the use of phonetapping for criminal investigation purposes is already covered in Articles 172 and 175 of the current Code of Criminal Procedure.

However, when changes were made to the code in 2013, security authorities suggested the Articles be changed in order to better match criminal investigation needs, stipulating stricter provisions concerning their procedure to better ensure the privacy of individuals.

‘However, the competent services and their lawyers considered that it would be more appropriate to create a separate law to legislate on the legal regime of interception and protection of communications,’ said the Office of the Secretary for Security.

In recent years, therefore, authorities have conducted studies on how to better align law enforcement with the development of communication technologies, resulting in a law proposal that was this week submitted to the Law Reform Consulting Committee for analysis.

The government stated that security authorities are currently improving the text in accordance with the opinions expressed by this Council, with the opinions expressed during this week’s meeting not yet made public.