Macau | New taxi licences tender exclusive to electric cars

Macau (MNA) – The new 100 licences for taxi services to be offered in public tender will be limited to electric vehicles, the Transport Bureau (DSAT) announced in a press conference on Wednesday. The new taxis will also need to be equipped with a Global Navigation Satellite System in order to share data with DSAT in order to analyse traffic conditions.

The tender is considered an experimental test that can be taken into consideration in a possible extension of the use of electric vehicles for all public means of transport, Luis Correia Gageiro, Sub-director of DSAT said during the press conference.

The basic price of each licence has been set at MOP250,000 (US$31,090) plus 10 per cent stamp duty and a deposit of MOP50,000.

Applicants must submit offers that consider expenses of electrical supply to the vehicles, both from private and public charging ports, Correia Gageiro remarked.

Individuals with BIR and those with residency rights who comply with the established conditions can apply for licences individually or jointly. The licences are valid for eight years and not extendable or transferable.

The application period ends on March 8 with the public act of selection taking place on March 10. Applications offering the highest price will win a licence.

With over 1,500 taxis operating in Macau plus 100 radio taxis, Mr Correia said the taxi supply in the territory is ‘acceptable’.