Macau | New Youth Activity Centre to keep Hotel Estoril mosaic mural

Macau (MNA) – The signature mosaic mural of the abandoned Hotel Estoril will be preserved, with the design of the new Youth Activity Centre – which will be located at the same location of Hotel Estoril – proposed that the entire mural would be removed and reinstalled a bit further back on a new structure of the Centre.

The information was revealed during a press conference on Monday held by the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau (DSEJ), together with representatives from other public departments as well as the architect who was selected to do the design for the Centre.

According to a previous report, Architecture company Companhia de Arquitectura e Design Chan Kam Limitada has received the public contract for the design and construction planning of the Youth Activity Centre at Hotel Estoril.

The company owned by architect Chu Chan Kam, proposed to design the future Tap Seac Youth Activity Centre for MOP49.8 million (US$6.1 million) and in 233 days.

Wong Sai Hong, a representative of the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC), said the IC had performed a preliminary evaluation over the mural.

“We will proceed to evaluate over the condition of the mural in the next stage,” claimed Ms. Wong. “Since we haven’t proceeded to [devise the re-instalment plan], hence we have no idea about the difficulty and the cost for relocating the mural.”

Wong added that the IC would be in charge of inviting professionals to perform the preservation and relocation of the mural.

Meanwhile, Mr. Chu had introduced the preliminary design idea for the Centre, with the project includes the reconstruction of a swimming pool, the addition of an area for youth activities, an auditorium, an underground car park providing some 900 parking spaces and the expansion of the Macau Conservatory.

The architect disclosed that the poor condition of the Hotel Estoril checkered façade would be removed and be rebuilt in a style corresponds to the surroundings as well as the original style.

When asked about the estimated cost for the entire project, Wong Chio In, a representative of the DSEJ, elucidated that the construction cost of the overall project would only be estimated after different public departments approve the final design proposal.

“We still need to undergo necessary administrative procedures in order to proceed sealing the contract with the selected architect,” said Mr. Wong. “Next step the contractor will need to complete the design within 233 days and the design would be further revised after opinions from different departments are collected.”