Macau | No notice from LRT depot construction contract bidders – Infrastructure Office head

Macau (MNA) – No notice from other companies was received by the Macau SAR Government for re-assessing the tender of the Light Rail Transit (LRT) Taipa Line depot construction contract, Ho Cheong Kei, head of the Office for Transport Infrastructure (GIT) said on a sideline on Friday after the announcement of the completion of the LRT operation bill at the Executive Council.

GIT announced last week that it will not follow a court decision to re-evaluate the contract bids, since the works have almost been concluded and complying with the court decision would further delay the opening of the Taipa metro line.

Ho updated that the construction of the core structure of the LRT has already been completed and vendors have started installing related system facilities, but noting that they still need time to perform tests over the different systems.

The Executive Council announced Friday that it has completed drafting the bill for the operation of the LRT and forwarded it the Legislative Assembly (AL) for legislative procedures.

Macau Chief Executive spokesperson, Leong Heng Teng introduced that the bill suggested operation of LRT should be assigned by the Chief Executive via concession of public service.

Regarding the existent contract with the Hong Kong Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), Mr. Leong said the contract of operating LRT will eventually be handed to the operating company to be established later this year for operating the LRT.

In late April the Macau SAR Government announced the awarding of a contract for operation and maintenance assistance services for the LRT Taipa Line to MTR.

The bill also proposed areas including the establishment of additional by-laws to regulate over technical safety and insurance for civil responsibility and the protection of environs of LRT and related facilities.

Leong said the bill also includes the duties and penalties of failing to comply with regulations, both for the LRT operator as well as passengers.

Concerning the ticket price, although the bill had stated that the price must be set with consideration of promoting the city’s development, fairness and production cost, the GIT head said they are still studying over the mechanism of the price decision.