Macau | Number of Southeast Asian workers increased yearly in March

Macau (MNA) – While the number of Mainland Chinese, Hong Kong and Taiwan workers in Macau has decreased yearly the number of workers from the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia increased in March, data published this Wednesday by the Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL) reveals.

In March, there was a total of 181,345 foreign workers, some 1,466 more than in the same month of 2017.

Mainland workers continue to represent the largest percentage of foreign labour in the city with 113,905 workers in March – almost 59.2 per cent of the total – despite a 1 per cent yearly decrease – while the number of workers from Hong Kong and Taiwan fell 12 per cent to 4,993 and 2 per cent to 1,419, respectively.

However, the number of Filipino residents working in Macau went up 8 per cent yearly to 29,367 in March – the second largest foreign labour contingent in the city – with the number of Vietnamese workers rising 8 per cent to 15,161, and Indonesian labour up almost 30 per cent to 4,504.

In terms of industry sector, the hotels, restaurants and similar activities sector continued to employ the largest number of non-residents, with the overall number in March rising 2.5 per cent year-on-year to 50,019 workers.

The second largest overseas employment group was the construction sector, but with this sector having seen a 14 per cent yearly drop in non-resident workers to 30,361.

Mainland China workers represented 93 per cent of the total of foreign construction workers, and 74.7 per cent of hotel and food & beverage workers.

Meanwhile, some 44.6 per cent of Filipino nationals worked as domestic workers as of March, with 51 per cent of Vietnamese and 70 per cent of Indonesian performing this line of work.