Macau Opinion | Charity begins at home

Apart from a lot of ignorance, the chairman of the Canidrome demonstrates not being aware of what is currently being done and what was done in the past.

An operation that usually buys about 360 greyhounds a year for about 50 years. How many animals should have been alive today!

Now, since there are only about 650 animals alive today – a “small number that could be adopted by the SJM workers” – how can one explain the disappearance of so many animals from these facilities?

Only eight will have escaped from there alive!

But let’s go to the public statements of the Canidrome chairman.

First sign of ignorance or bad faith: “The dogs are not mine”. Well, the great majority of greyhounds actually belong to the Canidrome!

Second sign of ignorance or bad faith: “If the owner does not want the greyhound and wants to give it to me then I will keep him”. When the other owners do not want them, they are compelled to give them to the Canidrome!

Third sign of ignorance or bad faith: “Racing greyhounds are old”. Well, the animals in the Canidromo are hardly five years old! And let’s not forget the puppies that started to be bred in that space . . .

Fourth sign of ignorance or bad faith: the invitation “to groups connected with animals to visit the Canidrome.” No-one is allowed to enter the facilities!

Fifth sign of ignorance or bad faith: “The greyhounds could all be adopted by SJM workers”. This is a meritorious effort that has never happened as they have killed thousands upon thousands of healthy young animals tired of so much running or hurting from running on such a bad track and at such a fast pace. For the record, the concession contract requires only 12 races a day, and by 2015 the Canidrome ran 18 races a day. The contract only requires 160 races per annum and they ended up ‘hosting’ more than 260 a year! The chairman has not realised yet that greyhounds make the best pets, and in Macau they would be strong competitors with other animals that exist in the various kennels . . .

Sixth sign of ignorance or bad faith: “If Anima asked the government for a piece of land, I can do the same.” Sure, but Anima is a non-profit public utility association with almost 15 years of hard and recognised work.

And now a joke about the millions of euros she mentions someone has received.

Where are they?

Finally, for the record, the international campaigns only took up their cudgels because her executive director insisted on not giving the animals up for adoption – a process that happens everywhere else on the planet!