Macau Opinion | Jockey Club and Canidrome: Let’s be clever!

Last August, the concession of the Jockey Club finished, with nothing promised regarding improvements in the facilities and status of the animals put ahead two years after it was announced.

At the end of the concession, the government said that it was studying a proposal sent by the company and that therefore the concession would again be extended.

Another seven months of intense study because two years were not enough!

Meanwhile, according to my sources, the stables continue to see the ceilings fall down, the sewage system is clogged, trees are born on the walls, an animal died of hunger a short time after other deadly accidents happened off the track, and the pool has no filters so naturally the animals end up swimming in their own excrement!

Let’s see what magic formula they will produce to pay the 2016 accumulated debts amounting to MOP1.3 billion.

It is very strange that in the past part of the land was granted for ‘free’ to a company that may have not exactly the same shareholder structure.

If they had been intelligent (?) they would not have had so much debt today if they had asked the new owners to pay for releasing of the land.

They lost the opportunity to have the accounts balanced, and now in 2017 the income of the Jockey Club has fallen yet again, quarter by quarter, plummeting 28.44 per cent in the first nine months of the year!

Let’s wait for that magic formula they are now offering to the government.

They will take a small horse out of the hat.

Alive or to joke with us?

But the outcome of the Jockey Club leaves me worried!

Will the same formula be applied to the Canidrome?

I hope these folks do not invent an animal protection association and then transfer all the animals that are still alive at the time to hide future business activities.

Using such trickery, and under the Canidrome’s famous adoption policy, which allowed the beautiful sum of only seven live animals in more than 54 years of activity to escape that Tarrafal (Tarrafal was a terrible prison in Portugal), I hope they are not using that transfer to hide the selling of the greyhounds out of Macau.

Greyhounds may be sold to China, Vietnam and other countries where illegal racing networks feed a powerful illegal gambling industry.

It seems that Macau does not know what illegal bets are! Let’s see if the Macau Government understands that it should not allow opportunities of illegal betting in Mainland China!