Macau Opinion | The mountain gave birth to a mouse

Once again our Legislative Assembly (AL), after all of that last sad show, of ignorance or bad faith – or simply wanting to be more Catholic than the pope, who I do not believe ordered such a sermon – turned around and kept quiet.

The AL has done well now, or perhaps has now been well advised – or else it was the Pope himself who told them to be silent – for its activities have already caused the Motherland enough the collateral damage!

Giving free publicity to an official fighting for more democracy is not something that can please the first system, especially when Macau has been so “good” at keeping a low profile or remaining in its enchanted sleep – even though occasionally it wakes up with some nightmares, usually provoked by a lot of stupid people who should learn to be smarter in their day to day activities.

The “sine die” suspension of this young man, who is perhaps more patriotic than many of those who claim to be – maybe for business convenience, or of course to please the Chinese authorities, as if they were born yesterday – the refusal to issue a written opinion, and then the refusal to let him tell “his story,” is a sad event anywhere in the world.

China has a lot of political know-how, so it’s quite capable of spotting one of those great sharks camouflaged as a lamb from miles away!

Which is not the case for this young man!

Let’s leave the second system to work, although I believe today that it is not working very well; but then not every second system is capable of tackling crime in a timely manner, as should be the case in a proper democracy.

China works much faster and better!

We are in a “village” of China that wants to internationalize itself as a world tourism centre, a village that has been allowed self-regulation, with respect, of course, to China’s sovereignty.

If this village doesn’t want to show that it can work efficiently, of course the invisible hand (of China) will end up giving a little “help”!

This performance by Macau is an anthem to the stupidity of those who received everything they needed for free, but cannot do the housework in a timely manner without leaving stains on the table!