Macau Opinion | To think ahead!

  1. The Typhoon Hato fell upon us with precarious warning.

Hence, the Director of our Meteorological Services (SMG) has been on the tightrope.

From what I remember, after the 1980s Typhoon Hellen, never had a typhoon dared to knock on our doors with such violence, causing so many and heavy losses.

We had to see the house invaded to lock the doors.

It is the fault of the system and not necessarily of a single or several persons or even of the higher hierarchies.

But many people are satisfied because the anger of many people is better channeled if it is not dispersed over many places.

It was an unfortunate event and we will have to improve.

Now, even without a single raindrop, the SMG warns the population nearly on a daily basis to be careful with the floods in the Inner Harbor.

And when the population gets used to seeing that these predictions have no quality at all, they will no longer believe these histories about floods.

Until they fall again over Macau.

SMG is protected about at least one thing: they will not be accused of not having warned the population!

  1. Lionel Leong has stated, with all mathematical science, that the income of the gaming industry will grow this year by double digits.

No doubts about the veracity of his predictions, but I take the liberty to add something to his words.

For the revenues of the gaming industry not to grow at double digit in 2017, it would be necessary that they monthly average for November and December amount only to MOP12.76 billion!

So, it is proved that Lionel was right!

  1. The Director of the Economic Services has recognized some days ago that the major problems that SMEs face today are related to high rents and the lack of labour.

Where have we been hearing this?

High rents? Well, our illustrious lawmakers even thought that there should be no control over their rise.

Lacking labour? No really.

Local people think that the jobs the economy has the capacity to create should be reserved only for them, and kept in a safety box, in case they should lose the ones they have now.

In conclusion, in a land with lots of capital, no land at all and no labour available, where prices will go to, even with our pink official inflation going down?

Up, of course!