Macau | StarWorld giving customers what they want – Union Gaming

Macau (MNA) – StarWorld, the Galaxy Entertainment Group property on the Macau peninsula, ‘gives customers what they want,’ a report by Union Gaming on the group results noted today.

The report highlights the performance of the StarWorld property among other strong key features of the company. ‘We continue to be impressed by the performance being driven out of StarWorld, which, by a very wide margin, was the highest growing peninsula property,’ Union Gaming said.

The research indicates that aside from its marketing strategy, the strong results at the property might be supported by ‘the cross-benefits with Galaxy Macau on Cotai, as well as significant refurbishment of non-gaming within StarWorld.’

‘Galaxy continues to be a top Macau pick for us and is in the best position out of all Macau Big 6 operators to capture more than its fair share of mass over the near, medium, and longer terms,’ the reports says.

Globally, Galaxy results showed a leading position according to Union Gaming, with VIP and mass gaming outperforming the market ‘despite not enjoying the benefit of new supply as many of its peers.’

In the long term, Union Gaming sees that ‘whatever Galaxy builds in terms of Phases 3/4 is likely to come with some number of table games but more importantly will bring online more hotel rooms, which continue to be in short supply for Galaxy.’

[Edited by Sheyla Zandonai]