Macau | Stricter fines, penalties for infractors under road traffic law soon on public consultation

Macau (MNA) – The Transport Bureau (DSAT) is suggesting the introduction of a points system as well as stricter fines and punishment for drivers who infringe traffic regulations, the DSAT director, Lam Hin San, said on Tuesday apropos the public consultation to be launched by month-end on the planned revision of the road traffic law.

Another changed being mulled by the government is to convert contraventions, which have a criminal nature – such as crossing a red light – into administrative infractions; a measure, claimed Mr. Lam, that “would increase the sanctions and lessened the work volume of judicial bodies.”

Overall, said the director, the revision will seek to “aggravate the sanction framework” of the law.

Another proposition being considered by the DSAT is to completely forbid heavy vehicle drivers to use hand-free devices for mobile communication, following a measure which is already the rule for public bus drivers.

Drivers of light vehicles and motorbikes are allowed to used hand-free devices while driving, but cannot use cell phone – as is the case for drivers of any other sort of road vehicle.

The Bureau is also suggesting increasing the fines for illegal parking – some of which can go from MOP300 to MOP600 – as well as penalties for people driving under the influence – the current penalty of one to three years for driving drunk would be doubled.

Also present during the conference, the Commissioner of the Traffic Department of the Public Security Police Force (CPSP), Ma Chio Hong said that more than 860,000 illegal parking tickets have been issued in 2017.

The DSAT director also said the Bureau needs to improve its monitoring of public works, claiming it is negotiating with the PSP about ways to be more efficient in fining companies that do not respect signalisation requirements or other instructions issued by the DSAT.

Lam stated, however, that companies currently tend to fall more in line with technical and legal requests following more oversights and more training being provided to them las year.

The DSAT director had no updates to provide on the coming expiration of the licence of public bus companies at the end of July, saying they were “still negotiating” with the latter.

The propositions presented today are part of the revision proposal of a law which has ten years of existence, which includes a three month period public consultation – June 28 to August 26.