Macau | Typhoon Signal No. 1 to remain until 11:00 am

Macau (MNA) – The Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau (SMG) has announced that Typhoon Signal No.1 will remain until 11:00 am on Wednesday.

Typhoon Barijat is located about 290 kilometres southeast of Macau and continues to track towards the Leizhou Peninsula, north of Hainan Province.

According to SMG, the probability of hoisting Signal No. 3 at noon later today is high, while the probability of hoisting Signal No. 8 tonight is moderate.

SMG also estimates that flooding of low-lying areas would occur tonight to early Thursday morning (September 13), with the probability of hoisting the ‘Blue’ or First Level storm surge warning this afternoon being moderate.

Meanwhile, another tropical storm, Typhoon Mangkhut, continues to move westward towards the city.

The Bureau stated Tuesday that Typhoon Mangkhut will intensify over the next few days and affect the coast near the South China Sea this weekend.