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Macau | Virtual reality gaming company Zero Latency debuts at Broadway Macau

Macau (MNA) – Zero Latency, a virtual reality (VR) gaming company, has launched a space locally in Broadway Macau on the Cotai Strip.

Zero Latency is a virtual reality gaming company that is a pioneer of free-roam entertainment, in which players can play in a virtual world with six of their friends, which local gamers can experience since June 29.

Zero Latency games include Zombie Survival, in which teams are bunkered in a fort surrounded by masses of zombies, Singularity, a galaxy space mission, and Engineerium, a fantasy children’s puzzle game, also feature.

Gamers will enjoy an experience aided by virtual reality headsets, headphones, backpacks, weapons and also have the ability to communicate across teams.

“Zero Latency is reviving social gaming, taking players out of their homes and bringing them together again. It’s the next level of social entertainment that today’s gamers can really immerse themselves in.” says Tim Ruse, CEO and founder of Zero Latency.

The company was launched in Melbourne in 2014, and has launched venues in Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and South Korea.

According to experts speaking at last year’s iGaming Conference, social experiences are key in developing a virtual reality environment.

Galaxy Macau was reached for comment by Macau News Agency (MNA) but has yet to respond at the time of writing.