Macau | Zhuhai issues first batch of 752 Mainland residence permits for SARs and Taiwan

Macau (MNA) – The first batch of 752 Mainland residence permits for residents of the Special Administrative Regions (SARs) of Macau and Hong Kong as well as Taiwan has been issued by the security department of Zhuhai following the opening of permit applications on September 1.

According to Chinese media outlet Chinesenews, the Zhuhai security department had approved a total of 2,111 applications for residence as of Sunday.

Enacted on September 1, the residence permit scheme was introduced for residents of Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan to allow them to enjoy more civil benefits while studying, working and living on the Mainland.

In Zhuhai, a total of 39 serving points have been created to attend to residents from the SARs and Taiwan who want to apply for the permit.