Macau | Zhuhai to have 30 offices for SARs residents to apply for residence permit

Macau (MNA) – A total of 30 offices will be available in the neighbouring city of Zhuhai for residents of Macau and Hong Kong as well as Taiwan to apply for a Mainland residence permit, the information released by the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department revealed on Monday.

According to the official notice, only those citizens of the Special Administrative Regions (SARs) of Macau and Hong Kong, and Taiwan who have stayed in the Mainland for over half a year and are legally employed or studying there would be qualified for applying.

The Chinese State Council announced earlier this month its ‘Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Residence Permit Application Policy’, to be enacted on September 1.

Overall, the central government has appointed a total of 386 offices in the Guangdong Province to provide the application service.

Applicants must provide a valid entry and exit document, a photo and document that could prove residence of over half a year.

The notice further disclosed that the residence permit will have a five-year validity and that expired permits can be renewed.

Residents who are 16 years old or below can apply for the permit through their guardians.

The permit would allow Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan citizens to enjoy more rights while living, studying and working in Mainland China, including rights to social insurance, legal employment and housing provident fund.