Macau’s new government

The Chinese Council of State appointed the senior officials of the fifth Government and the SAR Prosecutor was announced today.

The new government for the next five years under the leadership of Ho Iat Seng is as follow:

André Cheong Weng Chon, as Secretary for Administration and Justice;
Lei Wai Nong, as Secretary for Economy and Finance;
Wong Sio Chak, as Secretary for Security;
Ao Ieong U, as Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture;
Raimundo Arrais do Rosário, as Secretary for Transport and Public Works.

The official list announced differs slightly from a previously reported list, which alleged that Commissioner of Audit, Ho Veng On, was being considered as the new Secretary for Economy and Finance.

Besides the five Secretaries, other cabinet names were also revealed:

Chan Tsz King, as Commissioner against Corruption;
Ho Veng On, as Commissioner of Audit;
Leong Man Cheong, as Commander General of the Unitary Police Service;
Vong Man Chong, as Director-General of Customs;
Ip Son Sang, as Public Prosecutor-general.