Made in Macau

In operation for 15 years, gaming technology manufacturer Aristocrat’s Macau Integration Centre is churning out products for the Asia market, all proudly sporting the label “Made in Macau”.

Made in Macau. A phrase increasingly used in the SAR, as the city seeks to diversify its economy and recover from the pandemic. But while some companies have focused on smaller-scale operations, others have chosen to truly embrace the Made in Macau concept, not only producing products for the local market, but also to distribute to the Asian market.

Such is the case of Aristocrat, a leading global gaming technology company, which set up its Macau Integration Centre (MIC) in 2006, where it assembles gaming machines for the Asia-Pacific market.

“We have been operating here for 15 years, since 2006. We are the only slot manufacturer to have our facility site in Macau to build slot machines to support the Asia Market” says Aristocrat Asia’s Director of Operations, Annie Chan. “Along the way, we have invested in innovation and developing new technology for our customers.  Our technology is constantly evolving to be first-in-class, ensuring that we continue to support the needs and pace of the market and customers. With the growth of the Macau market, we must also be able to flexibly expand and develop our capabilities in the production center to increase our production,” notes Chan.

As a result the output of the MIC has grown considerably overtime and it now produces 50 machines each day.  This has been achieved by streamlining processes and procedures, all while ensuring safety of employees, which is a priority of Aristocrat.

Safety and efficiency

“Our primary goal is to ensure that our employees can live a safe and happy life,” says Ricky Yip, MIC’s Production Supervisor. “Maintaining a safe working environment is most important.  Our commitment to safety is very rigorous, and the standards are very high, to ensure that the health and well-being of our employees is protected.”.

This is done via the 5S manufacturing process: sort, set, shine, standardize and sustain. The application has resulted in a safe, efficient, and organised space, able to adapt to new manufacturing needs. Regular meetings with manufacturing teams around the world are also used to further identify adaptations MIC can implement, while training and development help nurture the company’s main asset: its employees. The company takes pride in the fact that all MIC employees are local, and that Aristocrat can make a positive contribution to their lives and their families.

Build locally, support comprehensively

Aristocrat Asia has also focused on elevating the Made in Macau label by exporting to other markets including Vietnam, Cambodia, South Korea, the Philippines, and Singapore. “These neighbouring countries believe that our products manufactured in Macau are consistently of high quality and credibility,” notes Annie Chan, “this demonstrates that Aristocrat has a long-term plan in Macau.”

Simon Leong, Executive Director of Purchasing of MGM, says that this relationship extends beyond just that of a supplier and purchaser.

“I think our relationship is more like that of partners, because we have been working closely together for a long time. It’s not just a buy and sell transaction to us. We share the same values and I believe that our company and Aristocrat both focus heavily on the guest experience. We share feedback and communicate frequently about how we can enhance the products and the overall guest experience,” he says.

This way of doing business is important to MGM, which strives to deliver a world-class entertainment experience to its integrated resorts customers.

The MGM executive also notes that the Made in Macau competitive advantage extends beyond just the product development, but also its service support.

“When things don’t go as planned, such as a malfunction occurs or an adjustment needs to be made, they can come quickly on site to fix the problem. I think that set them apart from foreign-based companies who may not be able to fix a problem quickly. With Aristocrat’s core team in Macau and the technology is developed here, the problem can be solved quickly”, notes the executive.

Long-term goals in Macau

Aristocrat is also seeking to leverage its investment and experience in Macau to contribute to the city’s development, increasingly important as the city seeks to recover from the pandemic.

“Our Aristocrat employees and the company are very proud that the company is a Macau company, supporting local production and hiring local talents and local expertise,” says Annie Chan.

“Made in Macau also marks our dedication to serving the Macau community and supporting the Macau economy, fulfilling our local corporate responsibilities, and contributing its strength to ensure the continued prosperity and development of Macau society,” she notes.

“With our customers, we have a common goal: to attach importance to, advocate and support the local economy. They have confidence in our locally made products and believe they are of superior quality” she says.

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