Majority of 2020 Grand Prix drivers to come from Asia

The Sports Bureau (ID) has issued a clarification in which it expresses that of the 200 drivers that have expressed interest in taking part in this year’s Macau Grand Prix, most of them are from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and other Asian countries and regions.

Lats week the Macau Grand Prix organizing committee had indicated most drivers had expressed their interest in taking part in this year’s event than in last year’s edition, however, no official high profile confirmations were provided.

‘The participation rate of riders coming from foreign countries, including from Europe and America, represents a small percentage, participating mainly in the Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix race, and the teams must have the minimum number of elements possible,’ the ID indicated.

The lack of interest by the usual European drivers that take part in the event is attributed mainly to the entry requirements imposed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Under the current health arrangements, all pilots and teams from abroad must strictly comply with the epidemic prevention measures implemented in Macau, presenting the negative result nucleic acid test report issued by recognized medical institutions in the countries of origin before boarding the plane.

‘Upon arrival in Macau, they will be transported directly to designated places where they will spend 14 days of medical observation. Competitors will only be able to participate in the races if, during the medical observation period, there are no confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus among the members of their team,’ the sports bureau added.

This year’s Grand Prix held between November 19 and 22 will also suffer several changes due to the pandemic, with the usual F3 championship replaced with an F4 event.