Man arrested for slandering legislator

The Judiciary Police (PJ) announced today (Wednesday) to have arrested a 48-year old unemployed local man for slandering an incumbent female Macau SAR Legislative Assembly legislator.

According to police authorities, the unnamed legislator – who was said to be running for re-election – reported to the police that he was defamed on social media and in posters placed on a public street.

Police caught the man after resorting to the ‘Eye in the Sky’ surveillance system, finding that he had placed several defamation posters at a Nam Wan Bus Station and in and North District bus station.

The content of the street posters was similar to the slanderous articles on social platforms, and after police officers went to the suspect’s residence in Ilha Verde yesterday, where they found four copies of 16 defamatory posters and drawing equipment.

The police are still investigating if the perpetrator was hired to commit the crime, with the suspect so far refusing to cooperate with the investigation, and having even filmed and taken photos of the police officers involved in the investigation, which he later posted on social media and refused to delete.

The man is suspected of committing crimes of slander, crimes of infringement of legal persons exercising the power of public authorities, and crimes for producing illegal recordings and photographs.