Mandarin House under repairs until August

The historical Mandarin House in Sao Lourenco will undergo reparation works until August, the Cultural Affairs Bureau announced today (Friday).

The restoration works for the historical site which will start on May 25 and will mainly the repair and maintenance of the roof, the exterior walls of the building, the outdoor pavement and the elements of doors and windows, plus the renewal of the information boards inside the property.

Until August some areas will be closed, with the installation of fences inside the house according to the situation of the works, and the remaining areas to remain open to the public as usual.

The large house occupying 4,000 square meters and with more than 60 rooms was the residence and family home of Qing dynasty reformist, Zheng Guanying (1842—1921) staying in the Zheng family until it was taken over by the local government as a historical site.

The UNESCO historical site near Lilau Square mixes the characteristics of traditional Guangdong’s residences with architectural influences from western cultures