Marina Bay Sands agrees US$6.5 mln settlement in dispute with gambler

Marina Bay Sands has agreed to settle a lawsuit brought by a former patron and repay some S$9.1 million (US$6.5 million) said to have been handed out in an unauthorized transaction connected to Macau, news agency Bloomberg reported.

According to the report, a gambler named Wang Xi had sued the Singapore Las Vegas Sands Corp subsidiary to recover $9.1 million that he said was transferred to other patrons in 2015 without his approval.

In the lawsuit, Marina Bay Sands lawsuit alleged that it received authorisation letters signed by Mr. Wang in Macau for the disputed transactions, with the gambler alleging his signature had been copied and pasted on to the authorisation letters.

The original documents for the transfer authorisation were also said to have been destroyed by the Singapore firm’s Macau affiliate for ‘reasons of confidentiality’.

The issue had led to Marina Bay Sands being the target of a United States Department of Justice anti-money laundering probe and investigations by the Singapore Police Force.

The out-of-court settlement was reached in June with the gaming operator allowing Mr. Wang to re-enter its properties