MBtv Debates – Blue Card Holders – The unloved?

MBtv Debates – Blue Card Holders – The unloved?

Non-resident workers, commonly called blue or white cards, continue to feel that they are only doing well in Macau when Macau is doing well for itself; when times are good, and local workers do not want or are not qualified to do jobs that, at that time, are left for others. And when times go wrong, non-resident workers feel the burden of difference. 

Meanwhile, as Macau gears up to embrace the Greater Bay Area development plan, imported labour is set to play a crucial role to enhance the city’s competitiveness. How to protect the local manpower, have a more humane approach to migrant workers, attract talents and ensure that companies have access to the workforce they need to prosper?

 Macau Business and Rui Cunha Foundation held a debate on Macau’s imported labour and Human Resources challenges, on October 8, 2020, with the contribution of three experts:

Seow Yuen Loh– Managing Director – MSS Recruitment Hello-jobs.com

Melody Lu– Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Macau

Icília Berenguel– Senior Associate Lawyer, C&C Lawyers