Mbtv DEBATES – Digital Currency and the future of money

The digital currency revolution is in the pipeline. China is moving forward with the Digital Currency Electronic Payment (DCEP) and Macau plans reforms to the local financial system legal framework to embrace digital currency. As Macau News Agency (MNA) celebrated its 4th anniversary, Macau Business/MNA and Rui Cunha Foundation bring together in partnership with Observatório da China on November 24, 2021, a panel of experts to discuss the impact of this transformational process.

Guest Speakers: 

Jean Chen, Dean, Faculty of Business Administration and Chair Professor in Accounting and Finance, University of Macau

Daniel Senna Fernandes, Consultant, Riquito Advogados 

Oriol Caudevilla, Co-Leader, CBDC and Financial Inclusion Working Groups, Global Impact FinTech Forum 

Daniel Farinha, Senior Lecturer, University of Saint Joseph