MBtv DEBATES: Game On – The Gaming Law and the Future of the Industry (Clip)

The revision of Macau’s gaming law is underway, paving the way to adjustments to the city’s core industry as the local economy sits at a critical juncture. 

Macau Business and Rui Cunha Foundation brought together on October 21 experts from diverse backgrounds to discuss the way forward for the sector and the economy as a whole, as diversification and regional integration are set to play a key role.

Carlos Siu, Associate Professor, Centre for Gaming and Tourism Studies, Macau Polytechnic Institute 

Rui Pinto Proença, Partner, MdME Lawyers

Alidad Tash,Managing Director, 2NT8 

José I. Duarte, Economist, Macau Business Senior Analyst 

Watch the video of the full debate here.