MBtv: Jacobs celebrates 32nd birthday with Red Bull King of the Air title

Traditionally run in a weather window from late January to early February, the big-air kiteboarding event took place in great Kite Beach conditions in the new waiting period from late November to early December. Heralded by the iconic ‘table cloth’ of cloud being pulled over Table Mountain, the infamous Cape Doctor wind showed up fashionably late (just before 15:00) on Sunday, but didn’t disappoint and stayed constant throughout the afternoon – giving athletes enough of an opportunity to perform.The winds blowing across the beach – not onshore or offshore – mean that the kiteboarders can tap the wind back and forth parallel to the shore, riding across the nearshore surf line to power up along the wave face for long periods of time, creating epic wave-riding opportunities. Kiwi Marc Jacobs celebrated his 32nd birthday in style when he beat three-time champion Kevin Langeree and rookie Stig Hoefnagel in an action-packed final to secure the Red Bull King of the Air 2021 title in Cape Town, South Africa.
“Red Bull Content Pool via AFP”