Medical observation requirements for Taiwan arrivals increased

Due to a recent uptick in local Covid-19 cases, health authorities have increased health observation requirements for Taiwan arrivals.

Starting from midnight of May 14, 2021 all individuals who, in the 14 days prior to entering Macau, have been in Taiwan, aside from the previous 14 days in a designated location will have to complete an additional 7 days of health self-management.

During the period of self-management of health, the colour of the person’s health code will change to yellow.

Individuals with yellow and red health codes are prevented from entering all hotels, shopping centers, public services, immigration buildings, medical institutions and restaurants – especially with a capacity for 400 people – as well as other institutions or establishments in Macau.

Persons wishing to leave Macau during the period of self-management of health are required to obtain prior authorization from the destination authorities

This measure does not apply to people who have already entered Macau and have not yet completed medical observation.

People boarding the plane in Taiwan bound for Macau must have a negative nucleic acid certificate issued within 72 hours prior to boarding when this period was 7 days

Taiwan has reported 13 new domestic cases today amid a rare spike in infections after almost spotless pandemic prevention efforts.

The island of 24 million people has only reported just 1,256 infections so far, most of them imported.