Medical observation video surveillance needed in some specific cases – Health authorities

In-room 24/7 video surveillance for people under medical observation at the Alto de Coloane medical facility is necessary to protect some people with special health needs, health authorities indicated today (Tuesday).

In a previous article published by Macau News Agency, a local resident who was placed under a 21-day observation for testing for Covid-19 antibodies revealed her room was under CCTV surveillance, with the sole exception of the bathroom.

In this case, the resident had previously been infected but after evaluation did not show any abnormal health symptoms.

“This is usually only for people with specific needs, that is, with specific health conditions. To see if they fell out of bed or passed out. For people in a normal physical condition, we do not have video surveillance to see if the person is reading a book or eating. So to protect people’s privacy, the rooms also have an individual bathroom where there is no monitoring,” Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre Coordinator Dr. Leong Iek Hou.

However, authorities noted that if there are requests by the observed people that there be no video surveillance in their rooms, they will analyze the request on a case by case basis.

Authorities also indicated that people who test positive for Covid-19 antibodies because they have already been vaccinated will be able to quarantine them in hotels, while those who accuse antibodies because they have already been infected will be referred to the Alto de Coloane center.