Monetary authority and local banks coordinating efforts to manage service demand

The local monetary authority has urged banks to adopt measures to better manage the flow of people during the current consolidation period, including the creation of special counters for the elderly.

After an almost two-week closure, local bank branches opened for limited services to the public on July 25 with large queues of residents hoping to get a quota becoming a common sight in the SAR.

The Monetary Authority of Macau (AMCM) stated it has maintained communication with the Macau Association of Banks to coordinate how to adopt effective measures in terms of epidemic prevention and customer service flow.

Banks have designated certain workers to provide services to customers with urgent needs for limited financial services through the opening of certain branches, and to distribute, on the spot, service tickets to customers who were waiting.

At the same time, the monetary authority appealed to the general public to use, as much as possible, online or self-service services made available by banks during the consolidation period.

“The AMCM reiterates that bank branches can only provide limited services at this stage, as they must comply with the epidemic prevention guidelines during the consolidation period, namely with regard to the number of workers covered by the measures on travel to work, going to and from the workplace, as well as restrictions on the flow of people in closed spaces,” the monetary authority added.

In comments to TDM TV, Ip Sio Kai, President of the Macau Association of Banks, said that banks have taken necessary measures such as distributing tickets for queueing and that the public only needed to arrive on time.

He also noted that banks had already stepped up to manage large queues and that all bank managers will keep a close eye on the queues outside the banks to avoid gatherings.

Since many of those queuing at the banks were elderly people Ip mentioned that special queues have been set up for them and if the waiting time for the elderly is too long, they are allowed to be seated inside first.

In response to whether banks would be open on weekends, the President of the Macau Association of Banks said that this would depend on the pandemic situation and that he would keep an eye on the public’s demand for financial services, hoping to meet it as much as possible.