Mongolia launches national program to promote football development

Mongolia has officially launched a national program to promote the development of football under the auspices of President Ukhnaa Khurelsukh, the presidential press office said on Saturday.

The national program is being implemented across the country, within the framework of developing public sports reflected in the president’s policy and the government’s “Healthy Mongolians” program, according to the press office.

“We hope that the national program will help increase the number of children and youth involved in football, create professional high-ranking footballers and pave the way to promote the country’s name internationally through the sport,” Khurelsukh said at the program’s launch ceremony on Saturday.

“I also hope that under this program, the number of professional teachers and sponsors will significantly increase,” he added.

According to the program, Mongolia will organize an annual football competition called “Dream Goal” for students of all ages, build standard football fields in all 21 provinces, and implement the “Cooperation and Partnership” program to promote domestic products and services around the world through football.