EPA/Zsolt Czegledi

More than 200 mln masks sold under Gov’t plan since pandemic started

Since the implementation of its mask supply plan for Macau Residents on January 23, 2020 more than 200 million masks have been sold, health authorities indicated today (Monday).

Sourcing masks from over 15 countries and regions in the world the plan allows for Macau residents and non-resident workers alike to purchase 10 masks for MOP8 in local pharmacies and association branches.

No community Covid-19 case has been reported for about 400 consecutive days.

“It is important to note that the current epidemic situation worldwide is still very critical, and the inoculation rate against COVID-19 in Macau is also low, however, so the various measures must be implemented continuously and rigorously,” the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre noted.

As of today, a total of 70,655 people in Macau have been vaccinated with at least a dose of either Sinopharm or BioNTech vaccines, of which only 37,197 received the required two doses.

The centre today also revealed that an undisclosed local association recently organized an activity that violated the epidemic prevention guidelines issued by the Health Bureau, with participants not wearing masks or maintain a meter distance between them.

“The Health Bureau are collecting information on this situation, they have already asked for explanations when they asked the manager of the space where the event took place and the possibility of punishing the event organizer and the manager of the place where it took place is not excluded,’ the department noted.