(Xinhua/Wu Xiaochu)

Most local talents overseas want to return – Survey

The majority of local qualified staff who live and work outside Macau want to return to the city, according to a survey of more than 300 people released today (Wednesday) by the Talents Development Committee.

The survey, which was sent to more than 800 qualified professionals but was only answered by 314.

It aimed to collect “information about his will and his fears of returning to Macau, as well as other problems that he will eventually need to face, information that which will constitute the reference data and the base of opinions to be considered in determining future return incentive policies ”.

In one of its conclusions, the report indicates that the majority of respondents (63 per cent) intend to return to Macau and that the young generation especially express a great desire to return, although they have little professional experience.

However, the development of a personal career is a determining factor for the return, being, simultaneously, the main motivation and the biggest obstacle, according to the answers of the respondents, being that all have a degree and 10 per cent have PhD.

On the other hand, it is highlighted in the conclusions of the survey carried out in the third quarter of this year, “several administrative formalities can only be dealt with after the return, and the uncertainty in the results of the requests reduces the desire to return”.

The document also highlights recommendations on the incentive policies to be adopted by the Macau Government to encourage the return of qualified staff. Of the respondents, 71.34 per cent now reside in Hong Kong, mainland China and Taiwan.