Most public areas and transports to require green health code for entry

Health authorities announced today (Tuesday) that anyone entering most public establishments or transports will be required to show a local green health code as a response to the rise in cases in Guangdong Province.

This would mean that residents will be asked to show the health code when entering casinos, hotels, immigration departments, medical institutions, government departments, while shopping malls, food & beverage places with dine-in, restaurants, bars should also require the code to be shown.

Anyone with a red or yellow health code will not be allowed to enter these public areas.

General small retail stores such as small supermarkets or convenience stores which normally have a small flow of people and customers who stay for a short time will not need to ask people entering to show the health code.

Locations where people are expected to remain for more than 20 minutes, such as markets, karaoke, saunas, movie theatres, exhibition halls, libraries, offices or gyms can decide whether to require visitors to show the Macau Health Code.

The Transport Bureau has also requested drivers of public transports – including buses, taxis and the Light Rapid Transit system – to check the passenger health code, with drivers allowed to refuse entry to passengers who either do not show the code or who have a yellow or red code.

Guangdong has detected 19 local Covid-19 cases on Monday, the China Health Commission announced today, bringing the recent total to more than 100 since May 21.

Meanwhile, Macau has not reported any locally transmitted cases for 436 consecutive days and no imported cases for 14 days.