Mozambique: Beira port now testing crews from high risk countries for Covid-19

The port of Beira, one of the busiest in Mozambique and linked to countries in southern Africa, will now control crews from areas at risk to Covid-19, the authorities said on Tuesday.

“There is a team to control the entry and exit of ships and crew,” said António Vilanculos, the port administrator.

Until now, only long-distance truckers who pick up and drop off goods at the port were subjected to tests.

However, after a severe slowdown in April, the port of Beira is once again receiving large cargo vessels and commercial activity is resuming in several countries linked to the port.

Thus, Covid-19 tests were introduced for crew members from countries considered high risk, who will also have restricted movements in the port enclosure, he added.

In April, the management of the port of Beira had already said that the temperatures of crews of all ships docking at the port was being taken, in addition to implementing measures for social distancing and hand disinfection.

At the same time, information on how to prevent Covid-19 was disseminated in the logistics chain of the Beira Corridor, which links the port to the countries of southern Africa, such as Zimbabwe, Zambia, DRC and Malawi, via the national road 6 (N6).