Mozambique: Equipment offered to improve coffee production

Various Portuguese and US entities have joined together to offer scientific equipment to improve coffee production of the Gorongosa National Park (PNG), in central Mozambique, the park managers said on Monday.

The project received “a portable system of analysis of leaf gaseous exchanges,” which is equipment that will help to measure and improve the performance of coffee plants “throughout the whole productive cycle,” as said in a statement.

The plantation involves a thousand families of the park with a common goal of the integrated relationship between sustainable land use, community development and biodiversity.

After three years for the establishment of a pilot project, the Gorongosa Coffee reached a milestone in 2016 by harvesting the first Arabica coffee beans and now it is expected that production evolves to begin being commercialised.

The PNG has an online page for the registration of those who want to be among the first to order the coffee.

The new production support device (valued at €50,000) was offered by the manufacturer, the US company Li-Cor, after the intermediation of the Portuguese laboratory equipment companies Aralab and Concessus and the Instituto Superior de Agronomia(ISA) of the University of Lisbon, the park said.

The park presents itself as “the main national wildlife park of Mozambique.”

It is the home of “some of the biologically richest and most geologically diverse ecosystems in the continent” and is co-managed by the government and the Gorongosa project.