Mozambique: US donates X.-ray machines to detect TB

The United States government has donated five X-ray machines for advanced screening and diagnosis of tuberculosis to Mozambique’s ministry of health, the US Embassy in Maputo said on Thursday.

“Working together, we can ensure that health systems are advanced enough to detect all forms of tuberculosis and together we can support economic development that will eradicate the conditions that allow the disease to spread,” said Martin McLaughlin, deputy director of US cooperation, quoted in a statement from the US embassy.

The donation, made via the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), includes digital radiology systems, which will be placed in health units in Niassa and Nampula provinces, in the north of the country, Sofala and Zambézia, in the centre, and in the city of Maputo, in the south.

According to the embassy, the machines can also be used to assess patients who may have Covid-19, lung infections, as well as patients who have suffered trauma, “increasing the overall capacity of the Mozambican health system.”

“The key to ending tuberculosis in Mozambique and around the world is both clinical and social,” the USAID director said.

According to the statement, the US government will invest US$18 million (€15 million) this year to detect, diagnose and treat tuberculosis in Mozambique.

It is estimated that 110,000 people are infected with tuberculosis in Mozambique each year, and around US$30 million (€25 million) will be invested in medication, according to the latest figures from the health authorities.