MSAR visitors only 1.75 pct of total HK 2016 visitation

Only 1.75 per cent of the visitor arrivals in Hong Kong during the course of last year were by Macau residents, according to the latest statistics published by the neighbouring SAR’s Statistics and Census Department. The data shows that 995,000 arrivals of local residents to Hong Kong were registered in 2016, the overwhelming majority of which were by sea, at 848,000. Of the total arrivals by sea, 4.68 million, 18 per cent were by Macau residents, according to the data.
Both air and land travel by residents to Hong Kong registered much lower values, with arrivals by land by local residents accounting for just 0.15 per cent of the 38.56 million visitor arrivals registered during the year. Arrivals by air by local residents to the HKSAR made up 2.6 per cent of the 13.39 million registered over the twelve-month period.
Visitors from Mainland China were dominant in all three of the modes of arrival, with 35.9 million visitors arriving by land, 1.8 million by sea, and 5.03 million by air during the year, according to the data.