Municipal Affairs Bureau initiates five-month cleaning campaign on buildings previously under lockdown

The Municipal Affairs Bureau has cleared a total of 1.5 tons of garbage from low-rise buildings once under lockdown as Red Code Zones for pandemic prevention as part of a five-month community cleaning campaign initiated this month.

The initiative targetted a number of building clusters in the northern district that was once under lockdown, and where households and associations have reported various persistent hygiene problems.

“Although IAM had cleared up a large amount of garbage in the controlled buildings listed as Red Code Zones during the anti-epidemic period, a lot of miscellaneous objects and garbage were piled up again in the common spaces of the buildings, such as yards, platforms and beneath the stairs, soon after the buildings were no longer under lockdown,” the IAm stated.

This led the IAM to send staff to spray disinfectants in the common spaces of the buildings, clean the stairs and handrails and other facilities, clear up the garbage, and to wash the public streets around the buildings with high-pressure water jets.

During the next five months this campaign will aim to raise the public’s concern for community cleaning and public hygiene protection, and to jointly build a solid front of epidemic prevention through continuously strengthened cleaning and disinfection of public streets and facilities, key hygienic screening and precautionary cleaning and disinfection of low-rise buildings.