MUST new medicine degree a valuable asset for Macau and GBA – Lisbon Faculty of Medicine Dean

The Dean of the University of Lisbon Faculty of Medicine, and guest lecturer at the new Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST) medicine degree, Fausto Pinto, told MNA that the new academic course will be a valuable asset to the city and the surrounding Pearl River Delta region.

“With medicine being an extremely relevant area for the scientific and cultural life of a population, in addition to all the advantages inherent to the existence of an academic and university environment, I think it is always an asset, especially since it is the first medical course to be installed in Macau,” the cardiology expert told MNA.

The Cardiology Professor and President-elect for the World Heart Federation (WHF) also believed it made sense to have a medical degree of this level in a city with the size of Macau when considering its integration and role in the region

“This is always a decision of the local academic and government authorities, so if the decision was made, it was understood that its openness would be relevant. As far as I know, it is the first course to open in the western part of the Greater Bay Area.”

MUST inaugurated the new six-year medical degree of internal and external medicine on September 6, with 48 students, mostly locals, having enrolled.

On the same day, a cooperation agreement between the University of Lisbon Faculty of Medicine and MUST was ratified, after a Memorandum of Understanding had been first agreed two years ago.

“As Dean of the University of Lisbon Faculty of Medicine, I had the opportunity to follow the development of this process and, from the beginning, to have supported it […] As a guest lecturer I will be very interested in teaching the areas in which I am an expert, namely in the field of Cardiovascular Medicine, in its various aspects,” Professor Pinto noted.

The degree – with a proposed MOP55,000 (US$6,811) annual fee – will include internal medicine, surgery, family medicine, and mental health, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, surgery, community, and family medicine.

The local private university has also signed agreements with the Association of Portuguese Speaking Physicians, the Portuguese Cardiology Association and the Porto University Faculty of Medicine.

“These agreements are fundamental to solidify the support base for medical education at MUST, ensuring the collaboration, both locally and internationally, of entities that can contribute to its enrichment,” the Professor told MNA.

The medical practitioner also considered that the agreement will provide for the possibility of developing student and teacher mobility programs and promote exchanges in the field of medical research between the different involved institutions.

Concerning the installations of the new MUST Faculty of Medicine to be headed by Manson Fok, the Professor considered that their teaching conditions are “excellent” and said he was aware that future projects are planned to further improve them.