N.Ireland leaders condemn ‘completely unacceptable’ unrest

Northern Ireland’s all-party executive came together on Thursday to condemn days of violent unrest stemming from the restive British territory’s pro-UK community.

“Destruction, violence and the threat of violence are completely unacceptable and unjustifiable, no matter what concerns may exist in communities,” the executive — made up of unionist, nationalist and centrist parties — said in a statement. 

Nightly attacks have left dozens of police officers injured, along with a driver whose bus was fire-bombed late Wednesday. 

Northern Ireland’s legislative assembly interrupted its Easter break to hold an emergency debate after the unrest.  

The executive said the attacks were “deplorable and they must stop”.

“Those who would seek to use and abuse our children and young people to carry out these attacks have no place in our society,” the statement added.

“While our political positions are very different on many issues, we are all united in our support for law and order and we collectively state our support for policing and for the police officers who have been putting themselves in harm’s way to protect others.”