NAPE homes most expensive

Property prices in the Nape area remained the highest throughout the month of July, according to the latest official figures released by the Financial Services Bureau (DSF). The average price per square metre in the area was MOP133,537 while the average usable floor area was some 122 square metres. In addition, the higher the floor, the more expensive the residential property, with the maximum price recorded per square metre in this area reaching MOP186,633 for an average floor space of 98 square metres. Properties in Taipa Grande and the Pac On area were second most expensive, with prices per square metre reaching MOP131,389 for a home with a total floor area of 142 square metres. Downtown Taipa also recorded property transactions above the MOP100,000 per square metre mark. The average price in this area was MOP109,594, while the average home size was 87 square metres. On the Macau Peninsula, the second most expensive district was the new area in Areia Preta, with property transactions averaging MOP106,368 per square metre for an average residential unit of 71 square metres. For the most part, the higher the floor in a residential building the more expensive.