NAT requirement for entering eateries to be lifted, key groups NAT fee covered by Gov’t, firms

Starting from next Monday, the nucleic acid test requirement for entering food and beverage business venues and childcare centres, and for people working on-site and the key groups, will be removed if the pandemic situation stays under control, while the key work groups will still be required to carry out nucleic acid test on a regular basis with the fee to be covered by the government and the employers, health authorities announced today (Friday).

The current stabilisation period will end on Sunday, and if the pandemic situation is under control, Macau will enter a normalised stage for pandemic prevention beginning next Monday. While the nucleic acid test requirement for entering specific venues, including food and beverage business venues and childcare centres, will be removed, according to Dr. Leong Iek Hou, Director of the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.

People who leave their residency to work and the key groups will also be free from the mandatory test requirement, but the key work groups will still be subject to carryout nucleic acid tests on a regular basis, health authorities noted.

The nucleic acid test fee ofthe key work groups will be reimbursed by the SAR government and the enterprises, while these test result cannot be used for crossing the border.

Tests to cross the border will need to be done at the designated self-paid stations:  Kuok Kim (Macau Forum), Kuo Kim (Pac On), Kiang Wu Hospital, University Hospital of Macau University of Science and Technology, Macau Federation of Trade Unions’ Workers Stadium, Nam Yue Hengqin Port and Nam Yue Qingmao Port. 

The detailed regulations will be uploaded later on the health authorities’ website, and this pandemic prevention requirement will be supervised by the employers and regulatory entities, to ensure that people included in the key work group list have completed the test requirement.

There are two types of key work groups will be included in the list: One is those people with a higher risk of infection, such as staff who have contact with people or items from medium and high-risk areas, with the other being those who may spread the virus to a larger group of people once infected, such as people working in a prison or day-care centre.

Cleaning staff and security guards working in some specific venues, as well as public bus, school busand tourist bus drivers will also be included in the list as they will encounter large groups of people, while the complete list will be released later and subject to adjustment according to the pandemic situation changes.

Under the current stabilizationperiod of pandemic control, which is set to be extended to this Sunday, all individuals entering restaurants for eating-in as well as entering entertainment venues and childcare centres, will need to wear a facemask and present a negative certificate of nucleic acid test carried out within the past three days.

Also, all individuals who need to leave home to go to work will be required to carry out a nucleic acid test every three days.

People working in the cleaning services industry, takeaway delivery drivers, public bus and taxi drivers, and interior decoration construction workers are listed in the key groups and required to conduct nucleic acid tests every day.