NAT requirement for people leaving home to work to be removed, key groups still need to take the test

Starting from next Monday, the nucleic acid test requirement for people working on-site to conduct the test once every three days will be cancelled “if the pandemic situation is under control”, with the key work groups still being required to undergo nucleic acid testing on a regular basis, health authorities announced today (Thursday).

Director of the Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Department of the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Leong Iek Hou indicated at the press conference this afternoon that starting from next Monday, Macau will enter a normalized stage of pandemic prevention if the pandemic situation is under control.

Under the normalized stage, the nucleic acid test requirement will be removed for those who leave their residency to work.

However, the key work groups, which include employees working in some specific industries, will still need to conduct nucleic acid tests on a regular basis.

Leong expressed that the health authorities will analyse the situation in the SAR and later release the details of the nucleic acid test arrangements for the key groups.

Designated groups are the key for the pandemic prevention work, as the first case of this round of pandemic outbreak was found through nucleic acid tests conducted on key work groups, Leong added.

Under the current stabilization period of pandemic control which is set to be extended to this Sunday, all individuals who need to leave home to go to work are required to carry out a nucleic acid test every three days, with the pandemic prevention requirement to be supervised by their employers and regulatory entities.

Meanwhile, people working in the cleaning services industry, takeaway delivery drivers, public bus and taxi drivers, and interior decoration construction workers are listed in the key groups and required to conduct nucleic acid tests everyday.

Security guards, catering industry workers, domestic workers not residing with their employers and construction workers are no longer listed in the key groups, and are only required to take NAT once every three days like other people leaving home to go to work.