NAT test ordered for Patane area between Aug 13 and 15

After another additional imported positive case of COVID-19 was detected two nucleic acid test drives were ordered for some areas around Patane between August 13 and 15.

One additional imported positive case of COVID-19 was detected under management and control yesterday (Friday), involving a 64 years old male Macau resident, a crew member of a Hong Kong-Macao cargo ship and a close contact of the confirmed crew member reported on 10 August.

This prompted authorities to order all individuals in some key areas around Patane required to undergo two nucleic acid tests within three days, each at least 24 hours apart, from August 13 to 15.

Those who have participated in other NAT drives on the same day need not repeat the test, with the targets of this NAT drive for key areas including the vicinity of Rua da Ribeira do Patane, Avenida de Demétrio Cinatti, Travessa da Guelra, Rua da Ribeira do Patane, Travessa dos Calafates, Calçada do Galo, Calçada das Sortes, Rua da Palmeira and Travessa da Escama.

People who have stayed at the above place(s) for more than half an hour on or after 8 August will be covered in this NAT drive, with infants and toddlers born after July 1 2019, as well as the elderly and disabled persons who have difficulty in walking or who need care from others, not exempted from this NAT drive.