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Nearly 47,000 residents have participated in tourist itineraries

Around 47,000 people have participated, to date, in the 15 local tourist routes launched by the Government of Macau to boost the economy, affected by the covid-19, said the director of Tourism Services.

This domestic tourism plan is evaluated at weekly coordination meetings, including the possibility of launching more itineraries, given the high demand, Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes said.

One possibility is to include more points of the city’s cultural heritage, but residents usually seek more indoor and family activities, such as workshops, she noted.

However, plans are always undergoing adjustments due to the covid-19 pandemic. “There are many uncertainties that lead us to make several adjustments,” she added.

Launched on June 15, the domestic tourism plan “Vamos Macau” (Macao Go) includes 15 itineraries, six community and nine leisure, with residents receiving 560 patacas if they participate in two excursions, the maximum limit defined by the authorities.

The Government has allocated 280 million patacas through the Macau Foundation, to subsidize residents who participate in the itineraries, which include excursions through old parts of the city, nature tourism, shows and gastronomy.

The objective is to help small businesses, affected by the crisis motivated by the covid-19 and which practically paralyzed the engine of the SAR’s economy, the gaming and tourism industry, due to border restrictions and the absence of tourists.