New gaming concessions pose “unique opportunity” for CSR momentum – scholar

The ongoing tender to award the new gaming concessions is a “unique opportunity” to push forward the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agenda in the SAR, said Stephan Rothlin, director of the Macau Ricci Institute.

Corporate Social Responsibility ranks high on the criteria set by the government to grant the new gaming concessions, which are set to start operation in early 2023. “These major players have a huge responsibility as stewards in Macau society,” Stephan Rothlin told Macau News Agency on the sidelines of a breakfast meeting held by the French Macau Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday.

In addition to gaming operators, other major private employers should also be called to contribute to a CRS-driven business culture, he added. In his presentation titled titled “Challenges and Risks on CSR & ESG Business Implementation” , Stephan Rothlin cited the example of India, where a law required companies to give two per cent of their profits to CSR.

Rothlin elaborated on how enterprises can be encouraged to practice ethical business and create sustainable business models, keeping the principles of justice, solidarity, and responsibility.